Best Solar Flood Lights of 2020

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Best Solar Flood Lights

Have you ever wondered how much costs can you cut if you subscribe to sustainable energy sources? If not, this is high time to think about saving your electricity bill and investing in some good quality solar floodlights. The best deal with solar floodlights is that they are inexpensive, easy to install and save a lot of money when in use. They also have motion sensors that are why they prove to be the best for security.

So, before we suggest some of the best products, here are some reasons why you should invest in solar floodlights.

Benefits of Solar Flood Lights

Best for Security: 

The motion sensors and facial recognition features of these lights are the best. With these two, everything works well. These lights have sensors that detect faces even from 30 feet above. Another benefit of these sensors is that the lights react via sensors and get activated only when it feels motion. So, this saves a lot of energy too.

Works in a large area:

As the name suggests, it floods the area with light. It spreads across the street and makes it safer and more comfortable to move around at night. People can be seen from long distances as it is so bright and powerful that it increases visibility.

Saves money and energy:

These lights are inexpensive and can be bought under $100 for basic uses. Being a sustainable energy source, it saves electricity and so the extra digits in the bill. Investing in a good solar flood light is good for your pocket and environment too.

No Maintenance:

Another best reason to install these lights is that these lights need no maintenance. You can install them easily without worrying about the installation of cabling and wiring. The batteries used in them are rechargeable. The only maintenance they ask is replacing faulted batteries with new, which will happen once in 2 or 3 years. So, they need zero maintenance.

Fixing A Solar Flood Light

The placement of solar floodlights in your space can be done mainly in two ways. Both have a fair share of advantages and disadvantages. The first way is to fix the light in the area of sunlight, but in this case, the light doesn’t get recharged as require and won’t be of good use. The other option is to fix solar panels on the rooftop and place the lights just anywhere connected via cables. This method is more flexible than the former, but it gathers a lot of space via cables and wires.

The Best Solar Flood Lights- Overview

  1. STASUN LED Flood Light
  2. SLARR Premium Aluminum Solar Light
  3. LOVUS Solar Street Light
  4. LEDMO LED Parking Lot Light
  5. Gebosun LED Solar Flood Outdoor Street Lights

Reviewing the Best Solar Flood Lights-

STASUN LED Flood Light

Best Solar Flood Lights


Excellent LED lights have a neck that can turn 360 degrees around and up and down. Apart from the horizontal and vertical light adjustments, these lights save 88% on the electricity bill. These are robust and have a life span of many years, which makes these just better. These are shock resistant and give a long-lasting performance.

Key features:

  • Waterproof
  • Daylight white
  • 13500lm brightness
  • 1506 sq ft. Coverage



SLARR Premium Aluminum Solar Light

Best Solar Flood Lights


The improved second-generation LED lights come with motion sensors and a display to indicate battery status. The sensor works automatically, and once charged fully, and the lights last up to 3-4 nights. Whether the nights are normal or cloudy, these will deliver the best being weather resistant.

The lights come handy as they have options for easy installation. Either you can fix your lights or can make them flexible. They come with remote controls for easy functioning and has six operating modes for maximum convenience. The best part is these are inexpensive.

Key features:

  • Waterproof
  • 79 super-bright LEDs & 600k cool white light
  • 26 feet long motion sensor and 180 degrees rotation


LOVUS Solar Street Light

Best Solar Flood Lights


These lights are specially built to be installed at night or work best as a street light. It has a pole diameter ranging from 1 to 3inches. It does not require additional hardware while installation and can easily be fitted on a pole that would spread light across an area of 1610 sq ft. 

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The polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic panels help save energy up to 30%, and the large capacity lithium battery gives a backup of 10-12 hours straight. 

Key Features:

  • Waterproof
  • 6000LM brightness, 600k color temperature, 
  • and 100W lamp efficiency.



LEDMO LED Parking Lot Lights

Best Solar Flood Lights


If you have a big garage or you own a large parking lot, this is what you need. The LEDMO 300W LED Parking Lot Lights delivers efficiency up to 120lm/w and is as bright as daylight. They have a photocell sensor and adjustable arm mount, which makes it flexible to rotate. These are super-efficient, easy to install weather-resistant. It features a new aluminum alloy that has a heat sink, and thus they are shock resistant.

Key Features:

  • 36,000lm intensity
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • 5000k pure white light


Gebosun LED Solar Flood Street Lights

Best Solar Flood Lights


These lights are perfect for indoor and outdoor locations but majorly outdoor because they are very bright and are specially made to be installed at a pole. Once fully charged, it will give a backup of 12 hours. It has a 12,000 MAH lithium battery, which will take hours to be fully charged. It is easy to install and can spread across an area of 19 x 32 sq ft.

Key Features:

  • 6000LM intensity
  • 600W power and 6000k daylight
  • 40pcs LED fitted


Installing a solar floodlight can be the best thing you can do to a household. These bright white lights with large flooding areas and high luminous intensity can make night brighter and safer. These are Best Solar Flood Lights if you want a night light as these will provide light without adding anything to the electricity bill.


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